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Arabic for Beginner

All the following courses in one subscription!

Level A1 – Complete Beginner

  • The Arabic Alphabet – Learn to read and write the letters of the Arabic alphabet
  • Essential Arabic – Practise Arabic words with flashcards
  • Easy Arabic 1 – Learn how to meet and greet people, introduce yourself and others
  • Easy Arabic 2 – Learn how to order food and drinks, ask for and pay the bill
  • First Steps Arabic – A short transition course to form a bridge to the A2 programme.

Key features

  • Full one-year subscription offers great value for money
  • A wide range of eLearning programmes to suit all abilities
  • Online grammar of Basic Arabic
  • Extensive support materials and downloads
  • Additional benefits such as Study Plans, Guide to Writing Arabic, worksheets

The Arabic For Beginners subscription recognises that as a language learner you can achieve a lot from a self-guided programme, but to reach full potential you also need support and guidance. By providing attractive and motivating courses and dedicated support materials, we can prove that learning Arabic is an attainable goal for everyone.

“I highly recommend ArabicOnline as it is the most comprehensive and the most accessible web resource for Arabic language learning that I have come across.”
Samah Naga, Head of Arabic at Oundle School

Almaqasid Academy

Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Nigeria.