"Seek knowledge, because seeking it for the sake of Allah is a worship. And knowing it makes you more God-fearing"
– Ibn Taymiyyah

About Us

Knowledge is the foundation of faith in Islam and every Muslim is encouraged to seek it. At Almaqasid Academy, our goal is to enable English speakers acquire a pure and balanced Islamic knowledge by teaching and explaining Arabic texts in both English and Arabic with a greater emphasis on understanding the materials being taught. This easy approach to learning Arabic and reading Islamic texts makes our student comfortable while learning and makes the mastery of Arabic easy and fast.

Learning at Almaqasid is 100% online and it is entirely free because we believe that knowledge should be made accessible to everyone. Our tutors are professionals who dedicate a few hours weekly to teach and guide students throughout their learning journey. All classes are live and in groups, so students have the opportunity to interact with colleagues and their instructors. 

Our Approach

Most English speakers who learn Arabic struggle with memorizing and understanding the Arabic terms and vocabularies. Language barriers also make it difficult for the instructor to explain or translate to the student whenever there is a communication or comprehension challenge.

At Almaqasid, we teach and explain Arabic texts in both Arabic and English until the student attains mastery of Arabic language. We understand that no language is a direct translation of the other, but we ensure that our students do not just memorize phrases and sentences for examination purposes. We communicate in Arabic and give further explanations in English to ensure that concepts are well understood. To us, what is memorized and understood is more beneficial and lasting.

Our classes are fully online, and the schedules are flexible to accommodate university students and workers. All classes will be live, not recorded videos. This gives students the opportunity to interact with the Instructor and communicate with their peers. During classes, students will be paired and encouraged to read and have conversations. This is done often to boost the students’ confidence and improve their accent.  

The choice of book for the Beginners to the Advanced level is   العربية بين يديك . It is a very comprehensive material, carefully written for non-Arabic speakers. The book has been taught for many years across the world especially in Islamic universities to pre-university students.


Our Success Stories

“The method of teaching and the quality of teaching materials made my learning seamless. The study materials were carefully designed to make students retain what was learnt” 

                                                                          -Dr. Sakeenah O. Badmus

“I completed the beginners’ course successfully and it really improved my understanding of Arabic language. All classes were live and very interactive. I can now have conversations in Arabic to some extent.” 

                                                                                          -Fasasi Ibrahim

“I attended free classes online at Almaqasid Academy and they were beneficial. I learnt new vocabularies and I can now have simple conversations in Arabic”

                                                                                    -Abdullateef Bankole